14 June, 2023

UAE – the most attractive jurisdiction for millionaire migration in 2022

According to a study by the consulting company Henley and Partners, in 2022, 5200 dollar millionaires relocated to the UAE. Australia (+3800), Singapore (+2900), Switzerland (+2200), and the USA (+1500) were also among the top five most popular jurisdictions for the migration of affluent individuals.

As for the “outflow” of millionaires, the leaders in 2022 were China (-10800 millionaires) and Russia (-8500). Moreover, as noted by the company, Russia’s figures were approximately half of the projected numbers, as the departure of millionaires was hindered by sanctions – issues with opening accounts for Russian citizens and the scaling back of investment citizenship programs.

India (-7500 millionaires), Hong Kong (-2800 millionaires), Brazil (-1800 millionaires), and the United Kingdom (-1600) are also among the top five in terms of “outflow.”

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