The specialists at Parus Management Consultancies can provide guidance on various aspects of doing business and living in the UAE, including company registration, opening bank accounts, obtaining resident visas, paying taxes, interacting with government agencies, and purchasing or renting real estate, among others. Contact Parus Corporate Services today and let us help you develop your business successfully in the UAE!

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In particular, our experts will be happy to clarify the following questions for you:

  • Registration of companies in the UAE on a turnkey-basis
  • Types of companies in the UAE
  • Choosing a license to register a company in the UAE
  • Obtaining residence visas in the UAE
  • Change of visas for employees and partners of the company
  • Obtaining or changing a driver’s license in the UAE
  • Tax residency for companies and individuals
  • Compliance and Substance for companies in the UAE
  • Issues with opening accounts and working in local banks and abroad
  • Tax and audit reporting of companies in the UAE
  • Taxes in the UAE
  • VAT in the UAE
  • Tax planning for individuals and legal entities
  • Structuring of international business according to BEPS rules
  • Oral and written consultations. Preparation of analytical reports
  • Purchasing or renting a property in the UAE, paperwork and all procedures. Ejari

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