Parus Management Consultancies is a consulting company specializing in the registration and support of businesses in the United Arab Emirates.
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Our solutions are aimed at efficient business structuring in the UAE using a wide range of legitimate business tools.

Our task is to make the business easily manageable, systemic, predictable, resistant to unfavorable developments in the market and, most importantly, profitable.

It is important to emphasize that all our offered solutions work in practice!


We can help you register a company in the UAE by selecting the optimal type of company for your business! Our team provides complete support for the registration process, including collecting the necessary documents for registration, opening a bank account for the company, interacting with regulatory authorities, and more. With Parus Corporate Services CO LLC, you can be confident in the effectiveness of your business in the UAE!
Opening a bank account in the UAE is a mandatory requirement for any business operating in the country. Our company supports the account opening process at all stages, including selecting the most suitable bank, preparing documents, and communicating with bank representatives. Parus Corporate Services CO LLC specialists will help you choose the optimal option for your business, taking into account the future development of your company.
Resident visas are required for anyone planning to live and work in the UAE. Parus Corporate Services CO LLC provides legal support at all stages of obtaining a visa, including assistance in filling out and processing necessary documents and compliance with all local legal requirements!
Many companies in the UAE are required to file financial or tax reports with the relevant authorities. Our experts can advise you on matters related to determining your company’s reporting period, the specifics of financial and tax reporting according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and compliance with local legislation.
UAE legislation requires resident companies to meet the requirements of “economic substance”, demonstrating that their business operations are actually being carried out in this jurisdiction. A company that fails to meet these requirements may be considered a shell company and become an undesirable client for banks or an unreliable partner in the eyes of business associates.
The specialists at Parus Corporate Services CO LLC can provide guidance on various aspects of doing business and living in the UAE, including company registration, opening bank accounts, obtaining resident visas, paying taxes, interacting with government agencies, and purchasing or renting real estate, among others. Contact Parus Management Consultancies today and let us help you develop your business successfully in the UAE!

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