Resident Visas

Resident visas are required for anyone planning to live and work in the UAE.Parus Management Consultancies provides legal support at all stages of obtaining a visa, including assistance in filling out and processing necessary documents and compliance with all local legal requirements!

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UAE visas

  • Investor/partner visa
  • Work Visa
  • Dependent Visa
  • To obtain a resident visa, you need to submit an application
  • After receiving an entry permit, you need to fly into the country, even if a person has a visa on arrival
  • To obtain a resident visa, you need to pass fingerprints, a blood test and fluorography.
  • In some emirates, insurance is also required.
  • After that, you need to submit all documents and a passport for a visa stamping

Once a visa is approved and an Emirates ID is obtained, a person can rent a property, open a bank account, and apply for visas from other countries to their consulates in the UAE. To obtain a tax resident certificate in the future, this procedure is mandatory.

From the middle of 2022 (in the Dubai emirate – from the beginning of 2023), a visa is not stamped in the passport. If necessary, it can be downloaded from a special UAEICP application.

  • Available to shareholders of local companies, as well as companies in free zones;
  • Partner/investor visas for shareholders are issued for 2 years;
  • Available to property owners over AED 750,000 ($205,408) in the Dubai Emirate
  • Visas for property owners are issued for 2 years;
  • When opening a bank account, the bank evaluates the source of funds of a person with an investor visa more closely than someone with a work visa.
  • For owners of real estate worth 1 million AED or more, a visa is issued for 3 years. The cost of such a visa is $2,750 + processing services
  • The first step is to obtain a police clearance certificate in the UAE
  • The next step is to obtain an investor license and “block” the property in the database of the Land Department
  • Once approved, you need to pass medical tests and fingerprints to obtain an Emirates ID;
  • For owners of real estate worth more than 1 million AED and over 55 years old, a visa for 5 years is possible. The cost of such a visa is approximately $ 1,821 + registration services.
  • For owners of real estate worth more than 2 million AED, it is possible to obtain a visa for 10 years (Golden Visa). The cost of such a visa is approximately $ 1,460 + registration services.
  • This visa is issued to those who have close ties with the UAE (owning a real business in the emirate of Dubai or being a representative of one of certain professions; or depositing a certain amount in an account in the UAE for at least 3 years);
  • To obtain such a visa, you must provide supporting documents to the immigration service;
  • The cost of such a visa is about $ 1,500 + registration services
  • Visa issued by the employer
  • All visa fees are borne by the employer
  • To obtain such a visa, you need a passport, a photo and a legalized diploma with a translation into Arabic
  • Without a diploma, registration for the lowest positions is available – sales, archive clerk, coffee boy, etc.

There is a practice of buying visas, which is illegal and often fraught with consequences

  • Dependant Visas can be issued by a UAE resident for closest family members – parents, spouses, children
  • Daughters can be sponsored until they get married, regardless of age and sons – up to 25 years. Further sponsoring is possible only with the provision of a certificate from a university in the UAE
  • For visa opening, it is necessary to submit legalized documents with translation into Arabic, confirming kinship – a marriage/birth certificate;
  • It is also necessary to provide proof of rental property – requirements may vary depending on who the person will be sponsoring;
  • If the husband sponsors the wife, she can work with a Housewife Visa. But a husband sponsored by his wife is not allowed to work;
  • If the mother is the sponsor of the children, then a notarized and legalized letter of no objection from the father is required.
  • When choosing the type of visa, it is necessary to understand for what reason – just for the status of a resident, to sponsor a family, to open an account, etc.;
  • If you plan to sponsor a family in the future, it is necessary to indicate the appropriate salary, open an account and rent a property.

IMPORTANT! If you plan for a filling out a Tax Domicile Certificate in the future, then it is recommended to open a personal account and rent an apartment.

  • Previously, only wives of local citizens could obtain UAE citizenship (if certain conditions are met);
  • In January 2021, the provisions of the Citizenship Law were amended, according to which everyone who has been legally residing in the UAE for a long time, has no criminal record, knows the Arabic language well, can obtain UAE citizenship. A person must be nominated for this procedure. To date, there is no clearly defined procedure and criteria

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